Crowdworking Spaces

Their primary mission is to become collaborative centres for knowledge and innovation under a participatory approach where you can make your project grow or your own startup mature.

Crowdworking is a space created by Telefónica along with several regional governments the mission of which is to become a collaborative centre for the promotion of knowledge and innovation under a participatory approach where you can make your project grow or your own startup mature. In these hubs, those entrepreneurs that have been selected for each challenge receive the necessary training and mentoring so as to make their digital business grow with the support received from the experts of the Telefónica Open Future ecosystem (Wayra, Talentum, Think Big, Amérigo, Telefónica Ventures, among others).

Likewise, the Crowdworkings from the various autonomous communities where they are open wish to help all those people who were not selected for the challenge or those wanting to take their first steps in the field of technological entrepreneurship by granting them access to many workshops and networking events open to everyone. Find your nearest Crowdworking below and drop by ;)

Open Crowdworkings

Crowdworking Galicia Open Future_ #GOF

Last 11 May, the'Galicia Open Future' Crowdworking, a joint initiative of the Regional Government of Galicia and Telefónica, was officially opened. More than 140 projects were submitted out of which 50 projects were selected.

Last September, the entrepreneurs owning those 50 projects started their 6-month training and mentoring programmes across the different workshops and events scheduled, which are provided by experts of the Telefónica Open Future ecosystem. Many of those workshops and events are open to the general public. For more information, visit our website or our social media sites.

Come and meet us. We are at the'Galicia Open Future_' Crowdworking located at the O Gaiás Cultural Centre in Santiago de Compostela..

'The Andalusian Cube Open Future_' #TheCube

In barely a month, more than 130 projects were uploaded to take part in the 'The Andalusian Cube Open Future' Crowdworking Challenge, , a joint initiative of the Regional Board of Andalusia and Telefónica. Out of these projects, only 20 of them were selected to be accelerated at The Cube, which have already started their maturing process. Visit us whenever you want at the 'The Andalusian Cube Open Future' Crowdworking Space in Sevilla, located at the Cartuja Science and Technology Park.

'Extremadura Open Future_' Crowdworking #Garage20

Last July, the Government of Extremadura and Telefónica launched the 'Extremadura Open Future' Challenge. Currently, the 12 projects chosen are already maturing at the 'Extremadura Open Future’ Crowdworking Space located at the Garage2.0

'Telefónica Open Future Chile' Crowdworking, Entrepreneurship Centre

This is the place where entrepreneurship happens. It is a collaborative space, open to the community, where many agents focused on growth and value creation meet. This is the place housing the offices of Amérigo Chile and the Crowdworking Space, built on an important partnership with ‘Startup Chile’, a programme of the Production Development Corporation (CORFO) which intends to attract world-class entrepreneurs at an early stage. Currently, these facilities host the entrepreneurs of the tenth generation of ‘StartUp Chile’, more than 130 unique entrepreneurs visit us every month and over 40 activities and events per month are organised in these facilities.

CETOF is based on Av. Providencia 229, Providencia.